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Beverly Hills based digital agency specializing in full service creative, design, marketing and web solutions. If your looking for creative, marketing and web solutions then grow ideas with OG Creative

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Grow Ideas with OG creative

Ocean Grown Creative is a creative agency specializing in brand identity, creative design, digital marketing and web development. Working exclusively with counter culture, cannabis, dispensary, horticulture and 420 based brands, our ability to provide clients with a wide range of creative services gives us an advantage over our competitors, who typically outsource their services and products. OG creative is owner operated, with our founder taking the lead on all projects.

Counter Culture Clients

Since 2004, our sister company has worked with over 500 plus clients providing creative, marketing and web services in North America and Europe. Around 2010, the legalization of cannabis in some parts of the United States and the emerging industries surrounding the 420 communities, provided a unique opportunity to create our agency and Ocean Grown Creative was founded.

Amsterdam & Los Angeles

With our headquarters in Los Angeles and an office in Amsterdam, Ocean Grown Creative services in the US and abroad give our client's a wide range of creative, marketing and web solutions in both North America and Europe. Providing creative services across the US and EU also gives our client's the ability to expand into emerging cannabis markets in Denmark, Germany and Spain.

In-House Creative Services

Our entire lineup of creative, marketing and web development services are done in-house by Ocean Grown Creative, we utilize our team members abroad and in the US, to build, create, publish and manage our client's solutions for the lifetime of the project, providing a full service approach to our all creative products.

Building Brands

From idea to execution, we specialize in building brands from the ground up, with an approach that allows our customers to design and create their brand through our unique design process. Each step utilizes input from the customer, ensuring your brand identity is as unique as the services your business provides.

In-house Digital Marketing

With a full service approach in social media marketing, our ability to design marketing campaigns, utilize strong advertising practices, implement motion graphics, while managing the entire process in-house, gives OG Creative a strong advantage over competitors who use off-shore services to manage your digital marketing and have zero designers on staff.

California Creative Agency

As a creative agency with an emphasis on growing ideas, building brands and innovating through creative design, we believe it is extremely important to provide our customer's with an environment that is upscale, comfortable and convenient. Our headquarters in Beverly Hills provides both convenience and accessibility, for our client's both in Los Angeles and provides an ideal travel destination for our out-of-state customers.

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Connect with OG Creative

Step up your creative, marketing or web solutions with Ocean Grown Creative, we appreciate your time and energy, so drop us a message below with more information. Or give us a call at (213)816-GROW to schedule a meeting at our office in Beverly Hills, conveniently located off Santa Monica Blvd in between the Beverly Hills Hilton, Waldorf Astoria Hotel and Peninsula Hotel Beverly Hills. :

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